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Master of the Cloud

Master of the Cloud

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Master the Cloud Today

Become a cloud computing expert with our all-inclusive course bundle—Master of the Cloud!

Key Highlights:

  • Comprehensive cloud computing curriculum
  • Leverage the power of Underground Nexus
  • Integrate DevSecOps into your projects
  • No- and low-code tools for efficient work
  • Free and open-source, community supported

Courses Included:

  • Automate Boring Things e-Book and RPG Experience
  • Build Your Own Software Factory
  • Cloud MVP Blueprint
  • GitLab DevSecOps 101
  • WordPress Website Sandbox


  • Life-time access to all course materials
  • Video lessons, supplementary materials, and challenges
  • Six modules delivered weekly—learn at your own pace

Five Modules (released weekly):

  1. Automate Boring Things: Build your cloud environment and dream team
  2. Cloud MVP Blueprint: Become the Chief and develop your minimum viable product
  3. Build Your Own Software Factory: Master Underground Nexus and build a CI/CD pipeline
  4. WordPress Website Sandbox: Master UX design and build your test website
  5. GitLab DevSecOps 101: Become an ethical Hacker and enhance your DevSecOps

Continuous Improvement:

All of our courses updated regularly to ensure up-to-date content.

Exclusive Community Access:

You'll be invited to join the free DevSecOps Dojo for direct support from Cloud Underground.

Why Choose Us?

When you train with Cloud Underground, you get a complete business-ready DevSecOps supply chain that is ready to be monetized or a home lab that showcases your skills to potential employers.

When you train with other cloud education programs, you graduate with a PDF with your name on it.

Which is worth more for you life goals?

Plus you get:

  • Industry experts with years of experience
  • Practical knowledge for immediate application
  • Comprehensive understanding of cloud computing
  • Boosted confidence and career growth

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